Interview with Ruumisto

Today we are interviewing the great Ruumisto from Finland.

SOM: Hello guys, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Ruumisto: Greetings, our pleasure.

SOM: Please introduce yourselves: Who are you, where do you come from and since when does Ruumisto exist ?

Ruumisto: We are two guys from Northern Finland. Ruumisto started as an experimental project in late 2017. Our background is in various individual/mutual musical projects of different styles.

SOM: How would you describe your music style and if you had to give it a name, what would it be?

Ruumisto: We have tossed around “nordic folk ambient” a couple of times and we feel like that it describes our music fairly well. We have aimed to include new elements on each album – adding something new on top of the old.

SOM:  What are your TOP 3 favorite instruments or effects (incl. virtual instruments)? and why ?

Ruumisto: First one(s) would be jouhikko/kantele since they are fairly frequently found in our music and they possess the traditional feel we are aiming for. Secondly, we chose the acoustic guitar since it provides a suitable background for the aforementioned folk instruments. We tend to use both 6- and 12-string models. Last but not least, we have to mention Valhalla DSP’s reverb plugins, all the wide spaces and long reverbs are mainly produced by them.

SOM:  What is your songwriting and production process like ?

Ruumisto: We don’t have a certain process or one way of working. One of us comes up with some idea, melody, rhythmic pattern, theme or certain type of ambience and we start from there. Usually we sketch out the initial idea and come back working on the track making additions.

SOM:  Which bands influence your music currently the most ?

Ruumisto: In the past our music has been inspired by artists such as Wardruna, Forndom and Tenhi. We do not wish to imitate any other bands or sound of any other artist. Our upcoming material has some influences from composer Lasse Enersen.

SOM:  Which of your own songs means the most to you personally and why ?

Ruumisto:  No single song can really be highlighted. Our upcoming material includes themes close to our own home and history and we feel that these themes resonate with us the strongest. The song “Ruumisto” on the previous album Saatto ja Syntymä, carries the name of the project and also foreshadows the themes found on the upcoming album. Perhaps that one could be the one with the most personal meaning.

SOM:  It’s been around 1,5 Years since the release of Saatto ja syntymä – is there some new music we can expect from you anytime soon?

Ruumisto: We have been working on a new album for a few months now but no set release date exists yet.

Thank you very much for your TIme ! 

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