Interview with Bjorth


Today we are interviewing Björn from Bjorth – the creators of “Drums of Midgard”

*Please note for transparency reasons that Björn from Bjorth is also part of the SoM Team*

SoM: Let’s get started then. Who is Bjorth?  Who is behind the Project Bjorth?

Bjorth (Björn): Bjorth consists of Dani and myself. Dani sings and plays various instruments, I myself focus on songwriting, production and everything around it. We see ourselves as a thematically nordic project. Dani can also be found as the  ThePaganMinistrel on YouTube and I am also responsible for the production of Foresaga. Take a listen.

SoM: And where are you guys from ?

Bjorth (Björn): Dani is from Valparaiso, Chile and I am from Cologne, Germany.

SoM: What instruments do you play/use ?

Bjorth (Björn): We play Violin, Tagelharpa, different percussions and of course virtual instruments. When I say “we”, it’s mostly Dani 🙂

SoM: What genre describes your music?

Bjorth (Björn): NeoFolk, DarkFolk, Ambient/Drone… with an orchestral Twist.

SoM: Is your music also available on CD or Vinyl?

Bjorth (Björn): Currently we have only released digital singles followed by a digital EP. That makes most sense for us at the moment. However, we are planning to release an full album this year (2021) , which we will also offer as a physical CD.

SoM: Drums of Midgard is your first and most successful song so far, what inspired you ?

Bjorth (Björn):I think it’s the most “successful” song, because it was the first song and therefore it spent the most time on Spotify and co. I’m a bit surprised about the “success” myself – and we will have at least 2 more songs on our just mentioned EP that stylistically tie in with it.

SoM: Which artists have the most influence on your music?

Bjorth (Björn): By far Einar Selvik (Wardruna) . But also: Eluveitie, Two Steps from Hell, Forndom & Osi and the Jupiter.

SoM: You do quite a lot of collaborations – are there any new ones coming up?

Bjorth (Björn): Collaborations are always a great thing. Currently we are working with some great artists on new music.

SoM: Will Bjorth also give live performances after the pandemic?

Bjorth (Björn): Currently we don’t invest any energy in this topic – but it’s on our agenda 😊 I know we said different a while ago but priority’s change.

SoM: Please allow us a couple of personal questions – What is your favorit drink ?

Bjorth (Björn): Sure. Belgium Beer & Bourbon. Non Alcoholic anything with caffeine. So overall not healthy at all.

SoM: What about food ?

Bjorth (Björn): Pizza all the way…

SoM: Any memorable storys so far in your career you what share with the readers ? 

Bjorth (Björn): Just a very little one 🙂  Andreas from Ursprung has sent me some recorded Vocals for our Track “Heidr”. He named the file “Joe.Exotic.Nudes.Collection” and I left it on my desktop and forgot about it…

I am glad that i discovered it just before I had to send out a screenshot of my desktop to a client…

SoM: Would you like to tell your listeners something in the end?

Bjorth (Björn): Be open for new music and diversity among the artists all over the world.


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